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Season of Invitation 2015

“A Season of Invitation” began as ‘Back to Church Sunday’ in 2004, which was an annual opportunity for churches across the UK and abroad to invite people to come with them to church. Ten years on the approach has been developed to promote entering a new season, moving from one invitational service to five.

At St Mary and St Nicolas we have identified these five Sundays when we will invite someone to come to church for a service.

6 September  -  St Mary Patronal Festival

4 October  -  Harvest Thanksgiving

1 November  -  All Saints & All Souls

29 November  -  Advent Sunday

24/25 December  -  Christmas

A Personal Invitation

Members of the congregation are being encouraged to think of someone they could invite to come to church with them on one of these Sundays and at Christmas.

“Think - Pray - Invite

If no one immediately comes to mind, keep praying until an opportunity presents itself.

If you want it to it will.”

                                               Revd John Bennett

Measuring Success

We hope that some people will come to church as a result of being invited to come with an existing member of the church. However, we won’t measure whether this initiative has been successful by the number of people in church.

The important indicator of success is whether people are invited not whether they say ‘Yes’. A successful invitation simply consists of asking someone if they would like to come along to church on one of these Sundays.