We aim to be a loving and welcoming Christian community:
honouring God in worship, following Christ in our lives and participating in his mission.

The Parish Office, 1 Halmer Gate, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2DR

Tel 01775 722772


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14th May

B/S  (sheet)  Come my way

1. 96 Christ is made the sure foundation

2. 752 Thine forever God of Love

3. 382 Jesus Christ is waiting

Com.  755  This is my body

          523 Nada teturbe

4. 772 Thy hand O God has guided

21st May

B/S  15  All Heaven declares

1. 524 Name of all Majesty

2. 743 There is a Redeemer

3. 156 Do not be afraid

   Com.  61.  Be still and know

           398.  Jesus remember me

       4.  273   Great is thy faithfulness  

28th May

B/S  MP 1000  King of Kings, Majesty

1. 150 Crown him with many crowns

2. 87  Breathe on me Breath of God

3. 711 The head that once was crowned with thorns

   Com.  (sheet)  As the deer pants

4. 103  Christ triumphant

4th June PENTECOST   Worship for all

B/S  675  Spirit of the living God

1. 311  Holy Spirit come confirm us

2. 654 She sits like a bird

3. 114  Colours of Day

  Before Prayers  504 May the fragrance of Jesus fill this place

4. 479 Lord the Light


B/S  498  Majesty, worship his Majesty

1. 310 Holy, Holy, Holy,

2. 176  Father we adore you

3. 516 My God how wonderful you are

Com. 647 Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus

4. 777. To God be the Glory

St Mary's Singers are a mixed choir who lead the singing at 9.30am on Sundays.

Contact Pearl Machin if you would like to join.