We aim to be a loving and welcoming Christian community:
honouring God in worship, following Christ in our lives and participating in his mission.

The Parish Office, 1 Halmer Gate, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2DR

Tel 01775 722772


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The Parish Office is closed to visitors. We can receive phone calls and emails.


On any Sunday there is worship in a variety of styles:

We are blessed with a large choir of boys and men who lead the singing for services at 11am (Parish Eucharist) and 6.30pm (Evensong). Both services use ‘Prayer Book’. These are our best attended services.

At 9.30am there is Family Communion on most Sundays.

On the first Sunday of each month we have Worship for All when we do something different. Sometimes the service includes Holy Communion, but mostly it doesn’t. Girls from Guides, Brownie and Rainbows take part regularly, but not every time. Often members of the congregation are invited to do or say something—but nothing too difficult or embarrassing - to engage a bit more, to think a bit more and to move around a bit more, though not too much.

And there is coffee in church afterwards.

For those who want to start Sunday with a quiet service there is also Holy Communion at 8am.

We don’t offer an alternative to worship for children; we welcome them to all of our services.

Young people sing in the choir and are servers.

Parents of younger children are encouraged to use the bags and baskets of toys and books provided for them by taking them to their pew.

We believe that the example that adult worshippers show is the best way of helping children to feel that they belong to the church family.

To adults we say

The presence of children is a gift to the Church.

Smile, encourage and and be understanding.

Don’t forget, you were a small child once!

To parents of young children we say

Be relaxed - talk to your children and explain what is going on.

Sing the hymns, join in the prayers and responses, and show your children that you want them to do the same.

Feel free to take your child to the back of church if they need to move around, or out into the porch if they need to express themselves loudly. Please come back when they are settled.

Remember that Jesus said, “Let the children come to me” when some of his followers thought that they were a nuisance and shouldn’t be bothering them.

There is currently one service of Holy Communion at 10.30am

We hope to return to our normal pattern when circumstances allow.